Mission Statement

Low Country Forest Products, Inc desires to be a bright and shining light in the world of timber harvesting and forest products. We will be governed by Christ and Christian principles in everything we attempt to accomplish and always put "PRINCIPLE BEFORE PROFIT."

We will exercise the highest quality performance for landowners and our customers. We will always seek the most efficient methods and will remain a leader and innovator in the forest industry.

Our employees' safety and their well being will always be our most important product. We will encourage personal spiritual growth in our employees as well as be a witness to our business associates.

Always remember: "IF WE DO IT RIGHT – IT ENDS UP RIGHT!"

"The primary goal of Low Country Forest Products is to be a company that makes a difference in the world we live in. We believe in the sustainability of our forests and we strive to improve the quality of life through the wide use of the resources God has given us. We attempt to follow best management practices (bmp’s), sustainable forestry initiative (sfi), and other regulations governing our industry, and to work to change those that we disagree with. A strong wood supply chain, landowners, loggers, procurement and manufacturing is necessary to accomplish this, and we work diligently to accomplish this. God has blessed us with a beautiful world to use for man’s good and pleasure, and a responsibility to care for, maintain, and conserve for future generations."

—Joe Young, President

Did you know?

Forests conserve our soil, replenish our air, clean our water, sustain our wildlife, and refresh the human spirit. They are also renewable sources of products vital to our society. Realizing that forests are much more than trees, the South Carolina Forestry Association, its member companies and individuals are committed to seeing that our forests are forever. Our vision is one of sustainable forests, managed to meet our nation's needs without sacrificing the birthright of future generations -- clean air and water, abundant wildlife, and renewable resources for recreation and the wood products upon which our future society will depend. http://www.scforestry.org/